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Mind Body Soul Studios Membership has it’s privileges

Our membership packages are all about making it possible to have the best experience in group classes.

At times it’s great to work out in solitude or learn from YouTube videos or participate in Zoom classes.  But for those who like the experience of being in a group class and having others around who are on similar journeys or feel motivated or you can appreciate “people energy”, our group classes are exactly what you need.

Group classes are a great way to socialize and learn new dances or break a sweat. Classes are fun, engaging, and full of energy. They provide a structured environment that allows you to learn something new alongside your peers. Participating in group dance classes like Salsa, Bachata and Ballroom is one of the best ways to learn a new dance or brush up on your skills.  You can also meet your fitness goals through various activities like Yoga, Socacize, Zumba, boot camps and more. 

Interacting in person with our professional instructors and fellow students is one of the best ways to tap into knowledge, experience and collective energy.  Our instructors, whether you’re learning dance or taking fitness classes are a built-in support system and can be a valuable resource to help achieve your goals.

Check out our membership packages and pick one that’s right for you.  Our membership cost is more economical for you and makes it more convenient to work towards your goals.   Consistency is the key.  You’ll achieve your goals when you are consistent.